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Vision Blindness

“Spinal manipulation was determined for visual disorders by four ophthalmologists independent of the other.

Patients were examined before and after manipulative treatment. in all cases, the vision improved (in either visual field and/or visual activity).”

-R.F. Gorman DO, “an Observer’s View Of The Treatment Of Visual Perception Deficit By Spinal Manipulation.” A survey of 16 patients, Sydney, Australia, 1991 (published privately)

An Example Of This:

An elderly man presented with traumatic vision loss. An optometric and ophthalmological examination revealed treatments were not indicated and the vision loss was permanent. The patient was referred to a chiropractor. After a series of adjustments to correct t subluxation in the atlas and axis (C1, C2) vertebrae, vision returned.

“Visual Recovery following Chiropractic Intervention.” Journal of Behavioural Optometry, Vol 1/ 1990/number 3/ Page 73, 74